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You better work!

I must say - I am so blessed to be surrounded by amazing people who all work so hard.

My agent, Andre Murphy, has been sending me voice over auditions regularly. Which is quite refreshing, since the first agency I worked with years ago only sent me on two auditions over the span of one year. The benefit of VO, is I get to do a majority of the auditions from the comfort of my own home. Although, nothing quite compares to the energy you feel being in studio.

Thankfully, all the hard work has been resulting in some amazing paid work! I've been booking spots for commercials for TV, Radio, and Digital! To my knowledge, nothing has aired yet, but I'm scheduled for at least one session again next week.

A quick shout out to the fantastic people at DG Entertainment, the studio I've been recording at. Here's hoping more good news will come soon!

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