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Moment of Thankfulness

Jen here!

I wanted to take today to acknowledge how fortunate I have been. Through a combination of dedication, hard work and just a little bit of good luck, I can say my voice over career is off to a pretty good start. Thanks to my agent, Andre Murphy, and the "awesome" team at Studio Awesome, where we've been recording the most recents spots.

Mr. Chippers @ Studio Awesome

Not only have I been booking jobs with a wonderful company - Cracker Barrel - it's a company that keeps me connected to my roots.

At other auditions or out in the world, I make sure my accent doesn't come out too strongly. But, when I get in the booth I'm able to let myself be free and that good ole southern drawl pours out like syrup.

We all come from somewhere - and I never want to forget that...

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